Physiognomy forehead that should not be overlooked

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The forehead is something that many people overlook. Girls tend to pay more attention to eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth, but Dr. Min Ajarn Attapon Noiwong says that the forehead is the part that affects intelligence, intelligence, planning, strategy, and ability. Creative thinking Directly affect job duties And patronage from adults too.

The aging is on the forehead in the 15-25 years old, it is recommend to do it from the age of 26, because it is beyond the age range. Or if you really want to do You must get a good surgery to be safe. And can enhance your luck for the better 

Forehead augmentation with collagen or silicone

Resulting in enhancing work security, communication In the field of work Because it will look better And more reliable because the “full forehead” makes it look good and full on each person’s face Will help to enhance the job duties As well as increasing patronage from adults as well 

Importantly, there are many types of materials that are inserted by reinforcement. If you consult with Dr. Min and would like to consult a specialist surgeon and explain the material that can be added as well

Because many people who come to consult Injecting the substance into the surgery, or now there is a silicone pad that measures into our forehead And opened his forehead to make it look beautiful And safer than before. See? It is not difficult to use personality enhancement surgery. If you have good ทางเข้า ufabet advice Beautiful with two doctors Both medical And advice on physiognomy and surgery that enhances wealth for Heng Bang.

I want to consult physiognomy before surgery. Or fortified with a special auspicious time An individual, such as the Financial adult support or care consulting Czech horoscope and auspicious surgery and physiognomy
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