Natural mineral water vs industrial mineral water

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The doctor is one who has the opportunity to visit many famous mineral water sources in the world and in our home about mineral water. Never fall from the current People interested in drinking mineral water Soaking in mineral water is abundant. And believe that you, the reader, must be one of them, of course, right?

So today we are going to talk more deeply about mineral water

If asked why we believe in the healing power of mineral water. We must say that it is because of the mineral water from each source of the world. All have stories that tell and continue to be a legend Including mineral water for drinking and mineral water for taking a dip.

For example, in our house we have long heard stories about therapeutic mineral water. Including the story of the local mineral springs that tell each other’s properties through word of mouth. Or from the story of the trip to Europe of King Chulalongkorn. Who had been to maintain his body in Bad Homburg for over a month. Which the people of Bad Homburg had Offering a mineral water pond named Konig สมัคร ufabet Chulalongkorn as a memorial.

Natural mineral water vs industrial mineral water

Natural mineral water Mineral water obtained by drilling the rock itself. Contains minerals that are beneficial to the body. With a message stating that Natural mineral water

Industrial mineral water It is mineral water that is obtained from drilling underground water. That is filtered in the rock Alkaline Brought through the process Makes it have a PH balance. Finished and brought through the ore head ISO certified by the FDA that is safe and does not contain heavy metals.

The true properties of mineral water

First of all, let’s understand that Our body contains minerals. The main mineral component of the body is bone, so the body has a good system of managing and balancing minerals in the body. Not much of a problem is that the body already has a buffer system to create balance. If not losing any minerals Drinking only water is good for your health.

But when is the body deficient in minerals or is there an abnormality? Drinking a lot of water More minerals will be less. But if we drink water that contains similar minerals. With what is contained in our bodies. Is equal to maintaining the condition. The balance of minerals in the body, so it is the source that Why is drinking mineral water good?

Because drinking mineral water is like adding something in common. But if we drink water that is not the same as the minerals. The body has Dilute the minerals in the body But this condition is rare. Because the body can adapt The body is therefore not severely deficient in minerals.

If looking in the moon, mineral supplements for the body. May need to look back on the previous generation That often lack food intake. Causing the body to not have all the nutrients drinking mineral water is a mineral supplement. That nourishes the body in a balance manner. But if eating properly enough There is no need to drink mineral water

In the field of treatment the mineral water treatment in France was originally ordered by a doctor. And the doctor will see what ailments this place is suitable for. Some places use mineral water as an ingredient in medicine to kill germs. Because the sulfur in mineral water has the effect of killing germs In those days there was no antibiotic drug. The doctor then mixed mineral water with a disinfectant used both outside and inside. Some mineral waters that contain sulfur, silicon, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium also have a positive effect on the immune system. It is a cofactor that helps cells. That act to kill germs naturally (Natural Killer Cell) to do better immune function.

Drinking mineral water that contains certain minerals. It can help with beauty, such as silica, zinc, magnesium, it helps your skin beautiful. Strong hair and nails Balance the electrolytes in the body

However, these minerals can be obtained from a normal diet, such as mineral waters that promote the presence of silica. Drink and help nourish the skin to be beautiful. Actually, if we bring shellfish or seafood to cook soup or tom yam. By cooking the whole shell So we’re going to get silica as well. Plus get various nutrients That are beneficial to the body as well

How to use mineral water to benefit

We have to adjust the concept and understand the mineral water first. The doctor does not want everyone to hope for the results of the claim of mineral water from various sources. Whether it is mineral water for drinking Or a source of mineral water for soaking. Because in order to achieve health results according to the claim It does not come from drinking mineral water alone.

Because we still need to take care of our health in all aspects, including food, eating and exercise. Sleep Stress management As well as hygiene matters

However, drinking or taking a mineral bath. It is edification, so anyone who has a budget It can be chosen according to your taste and needs to have the knowledge to choose properly as well. Such as paying expensive. To soak in mineral water to treat symptoms It is note that It should be a pond that soaks for no more than 30 minutes and must rest

If any pond can be immersed all day Showing that there is a very diluted mineral But if not aiming for symptomatic treatment Just want to relax. Can choose a pond with beautiful scenery as you like

For drinking mineral water. Probably drink for the results that the doctor could not explain But anyone who lacks calcium should choose mineral water that contains calcium. But if anyone has a problem with gallstones, they should not drink mineral water that is high in calcium. People with kidney disease do not choose high in sodium and calcium.