Spalletti OK with the team, but still refrains from talking about the championship

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Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti hailed his side’s 2-0 win over Atalanta in Serie A on Saturday night. but still do not want to talk about winning the championship now

The Naples club lost at home to Lazio last week after eight wins in a row, but have bounced back in the last game and are now ahead of Inter Milan, who lost to Spezia. 18 points, which Spalletti is happy with the result. But still do not want to talk about winning the championship because there are still many games to play ufabet.

“We enjoyed this week because after 20 games without losing. in losing the first game We saw how quickly a pack of wolves approaches its prey. It’s unbelievable,” Spalletti told DAZN.

On winning the trophy, Spalletti said: “When you decide to take on Napoli, you get to know the history and how people feel about this team. With fans like this you have to aim a little higher. A little more courage and a little more imagination of where to go.”

“You can’t start the season saying you want third place, you have to win trophies. We all desire that. But there are still many games that we have to play and show character.”